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Survivor Second Chance Cast


Season 31 of the hugely popular reality game show Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance saw the fans vote 20 people back for, what would you know, a ‘second chance’ at the game. However, news broke by Entertainment Weekly, revealed that was only the first of a series of twists that will shake up this year’s show, the other concerning the ‘Hidden Immunity Idols’.


The first thing we’re doing with the idols is we’re making idols look different, so every idol will be unique“, revealed Survivor host Jeff Probst. “One idol will look really fancy and the next idol will look like a 5-year-old made it. So when you get an idol, you’re going to have to convince somebody it’s real because they’re going to think it isn’t. But that also opens a door to make a fake idol… and they won’t know which is up and which is down. You can play all angles on this“.


This aspect of ‘unique’ Idols will certainly add a wrinkle to the game but the other twist that was revealed will make acquiring them that much harder. Because this year’s Idols will be buried during challenges, with the clues to its location being hidden back at camp, which begs the question, “can you [go for the idol] in front of your tribe in the middle of a challenge and get away with it?“.


Fans have been critical of the ‘Hidden Immunity Idol’ for years, namely that they were far too easy to find, with Survivor’s legendary player (and villain) Russell Hantz breaking the concept by finding the Idols numerous times in Survivor Samoa without clues and using them to great effect. This time around, that may not be the case. We will have to wait and see when Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance returns to our screens on September 23 on CBS.



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