Susanne Sundfør – Delirious (Richard X Remix) | New Music


Seeking out the Richard X remix of this track led me to a brief examination of the original. Susanne Sundfør is a Norwegian singer and songwriter whose forthcoming studio album, Ten Love Songs is due for release on the 17th of February through Sonnet Sound. “Delirious” follows the video premiere of “Fade Away”, the first taste of what will be her sixth studio album.


The track itself does that Scandinavian thing of connecting increasingly addictive melodic hooks together in short succession, much in the same way that ABBA did (check out “Angel Eyes”). My respect goes to Richard X (aka Richard Philips) for not getting in the way of the driving synths, orchestral vocals and melodic richness of this track. What can I say? A man who carefully selects who he works with is more likely to have the time he needs to do a good job. Check out the original and Richard X remix below.




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