Swedish Artist Augustine Releases New Indie Pop Track ‘Fragrance’

Augustine, a Swedish-born independent singer and producer, has stirred attention and earned admirers all over the world with his music, which has amassed over 20 million streams since his debut in 2019. The release of his new single “Fragrance” on September 17 is the final step before the release of his highly awaited first album, which arrives on October 29.

The bouncing, shimmering indie-pop track “Fragrance” which starts with a throbbing distorted bass, is a gloomy, nighttime embodiment of Augustine’s hallmark sound. It’s the kind of song that fits both lonely late-night walks and the softer times on the dance floor – a soundtrack to being engulfed in emotions you can’t seem to shake.

I couldn’t get this icy heart to open twice. I’ve slammed the door shut and yanked it shut. I’m curious as to how your day went“, Augustine sings, with the line “more so than I wandered my own” describing the desire to have the strength to move on, even when aching for someone so intensely that you unconsciously see and feel them everywhere you go.

The song’s bombastic atmosphere and Augustine’s soulful falsetto complement the song’s sincere lyrics, creating a tune that expresses a feeling so vividly that the listener experiences it as if it were their own.

Augustine’s first Scandinavian headline tour, set to begin in February 2021, will be announced alongside the single, with tickets now available via Luger.

Listen to “Fragrance” here:


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