Swedish Duo OhFrank Share ‘What’s Wrong With Us’ From ‘Dandelion’ EP | Music News


When a Swedish musician and English/French artist – Robin Stjernberg and Benjamin Roustaing – come together, the result is the birth of OhFrank and they’ve released their first EP Dandelion, driven by focus track “What’s Wrong With Us“.


The two met in a songwriting camp in northern Sweden, and they began to spend more time together and create their style of music and this is how their group came to live.


Robin is quite famous in Sweden; indeed, he wrote several songs for famous Swedish artists like Jill Johnson, Sandro Cavazza, Estraden and international artists such as Megan The Stallion.


On the other hand, Benjamin Roustaing has built an international ascent for his songwriting and musicality, with support from magazines such as Gas Mask Magazine and Atwood Magazine.


As we listen to Dandelion, we can recognize their pop influence, which make their EP quite captivating. The EP about not seeing the difficult truth about the world where we are living, and the privileged and self-centred generation within it.


This duo create daring and flawless pop songs that come straight from their hearts and thanks to the very different backgrounds, they managed to attract their public with their diversity. Benjamin grew up in a small village in the south of France and then moved to a city just outside London, while Robin Stjernberg grew up in a small town in the south of Sweden.


Their EP shows their personality and their hard work which results in a great success. Listen to “What’s Wrong With Us” below:




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