Swedish Rap Artist Xersize Releases Heartfelt New Track ‘Scars’

Swedish rapper Xersize has released “Scars,” a moving song about his mental health problems. The song’s sound is similar to NF‘s “Trauma” in that it has serious lyrics and an intense pace.

“The song is about struggling with your inner demons”, Xersize confesses, discussing his creative approach, “we’re talking about certain mental health issues as if they were physical people” says the artist about the song.

Rapper Xersize from Sweden has a tremendous desire to make music. His dedication to creativity and creation, which was inspired by musicians like Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly, has been a transcendental force behind his success.

When discussing his relationship with music, the healing value of music comes to mind. “For 14 years, I suffered from severe sadness and anxiety. My feelings from that time are a big inspiration for a lot of my work, and the darkness inside also plays a big role.”

The song, which displays a more intimate side of the musician, serves as a therapeutic catharsis and also aims to connect with people who are impacted by mental health concerns by saying, “You’re not alone. There are millions of us feeling this way.”

The majority of the tune was recorded in the artist’s home studio with the assistance of producer and friend Robinholta. The lead singer of the band Eleine, Madeilene Liljestam, who recorded her vocals in Eleine’s studio, is also featured in the song.

It is not to overlook the texture and the style is close to Eminem and NF: they share the same style with unique touches. Xersize has his own way when it comes to ‘Scars’. There is a driving rhythm and rap flow with excellent story telling.

Listen and enjoy the new release here!


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