‘Sweetener’ By Ariana Grande Is Finally Here And Is So Sweet | Music News


The young, Pop princess – with such a strong and unique voice and many years of experience in music already – has finally released her fourth album.


Ariana Grande has probably chosen the most appropriate title, calling it Sweetener. Single after single, she makes you breathe sensations of freedom and levity, all tied up by her soprano vocals and important collaborations.


Madonna performs a short voice cameo in the video for last month’s hit “God Is A Woman“, while among the list of features you can find Pharrell, Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj. The new 15-song project has been put together during a year full of emotions and events for Ariana.


Starting from the worst, it was back in May 2017 when the Manchester terrorist attack devastated one of her concerts, killing 22 people in the process. She hence is dedicated to them the track “No Tears Left To Cry” which has arrived last April.


But two more singles are a reflection of personal troubles she has had to face after the attack: “Breathin’” is an open declaration of her difficulties and the anxiety she suffers since then, while “Get Well Soon” is once again for the victims.


We move to something more romantic listening to “Pete Davidson“, undoubtedly the result of the love of her fiancè, the US actor who is showing a lot of support.


Relax and enjoy her beautiful melodies below.




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