Swiss Artist Ay Wing Unveils New Single ‘Ego’

Introducing Swiss-born artist Ay Wing with her brand new single “Ego“, which is being described as a beat-driven feel-good anthem that speaks to the part of ourselves that is capable of rebirth, rising above challenges, and letting go. The track is taken from Ay Wing’s upcoming EP titled Cycle.

Sonically, the track boasts a hip-hop and house inspired instrumentation as well a dreamy chorus, accompanied by Ay Wing’s inspiring lyrics. The track is calling for us to see ourselves as a part of a bigger picture and to realise that we are a small fragment in the grand scheme of things – an ‘ego check’ one might say?

The “Ego” track also comes with a live music video that was produced by a team of 23 women at Berlin’s Oatmilk Studios earlier this year, and is set to be released in a few weeks.

Ay Wing shuttles between Germany and the UK spreading the good vibes of her delectable fluorescent neo-soul leaning electronic sound, retro synths and dirty beats that want to take listeners on an emotional journey with her. Backed by glittery production that seem to keep listeners coming back, Ay Wing has been releasing back-to-back singles since her 2018 EP Ice Cream Dream, and is set to release her follow-up EP Cycle next year.

She comes backed by the likes of Earmilk, Stereofox, Clash Magazine, and Dummy Magazine, and has also surpassed a million streams on Spotify. You can listen to her new track “Ego” below:


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