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Indie rock, garage rock and electronic band TOMPAUL from Baden in Switzerland has just released their single “Low” for their melancholic electronic pop EP Wallawer, which is due to be released later on this year.


The group TOMPAUL has become one of the most promising Swiss electro bands, starting as authors and composers. They make a mix of dance floor beats with instruments like trombones and guitar accompanied by the unique voice of Tom Fisher. Their first EP Rain was released in 2016.


They have performed more than 30 concerts in Switzerland, opened for big international names and played at the Feel Festival in Berlin. Their music is most often played on the dance floor but not only and it can sometimes be heard in places others than clubs.


The band TOMPAUL says it takes its inspiration from the atmosphere of dawn, including soft but precise rhythms, powerful bass lines, a synthesizer and organic instruments in its sounds. The group is often compared to bands like Bob Moses, Moderat or Monolink.


If you want to see them in live, they will be present in Switzerland on January 31 at the Stubenkonzerte Aarau and at the Gare de Lyon, Wil on March 7.


Listen to it here:




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