Swiss Singer-Songwriter Mary Middlefield Releases Debut Single ‘Band-Aid’

Mary Middlefield, a Swiss-based singer, songwriter, and composer, has released her debut track titled “Band-Aid”.

“Band-Aid” signals a new period for Mary, who began creating and recording music between Switzerland and London during the pandemic. She has a long history as a classical musician, including 15 years of playing the violin.

The song is a beautiful narrative about a boy who, despite her desire, is undeserving of her attention. It is powered by her powerful vocals and rich guitar, which she learned to play a little over a year ago. It’s safe to say we haven’t heard the last of this story, with heartbreak driving Mary’s upcoming releases.

Once upon a time in a peaceful Swiss town, a bright young classical musician’s heart was broken. Mary Middlefield was set to graduate with honors in 2020, and everything was going well until she realized that one boy who had abandoned her held the key to the next chapter in her life.

Mary, who had been playing the violin for 15 years, utilized the pandemic as a transition into a new direction, with full instruction and support from her parents. One of the most important lessons her parents have taught her is how to use her voice properly when it comes to political ideas, climate change, racial equality, and other issues.

Jeff Buckley and Radiohead are among the many influences, as worldwide pop superstars Phoebe Bridges, Mitski, and Sufjan Stevens. Still, much of where we find Mary today, on the verge of a reinvention and a comeback, is about her inner confidence and contentment.

She prioritizes comfort over all else, reflecting on her decision to perform in a tracksuit as well as wear one in her artwork, which differs significantly from the traditional halls where she previously performed.

We are fortunate to live in an era where female singer-songwriters are channeling their sorrow into beautiful music, but Mary’s voice and vision are more nuanced than many. “Band-Aid” is Mary’s first move towards stardom, with ever to establish preview far and wide.

Watch the new music video for “Band-Aid” below.

#Peace.Love.Mary Middlefield

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