Swizz Beatz + Scarface – Sad News | New Music

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Swizz Beatz + Scarface – Sad News | New Music

Swizz Beatz 08.07.2016ANDREW


Swizz Beatz and Scarface combine to provide a running commentary on recent police brutality and shootings, most of which committed upon black men. The former’s upcoming album, Choices & Changes, features “Sad News”, which finds him and the Facemob founder imploring the population to take notice, stand up and be counted.


“Sad News” opens with ponderous guitar and ringing, crying piano. The vocals have a reggae inflection to them, the lyrics both protesting and railing against what has become norm in, particularly, American society. The grit of Scarface’s cameo appearance is welcome, and suitably defiant. The remaining moments expound opinions and convey shock.




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