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London-based alt-pop innovator JYLDA has released her newest single “Impulse” most recently. With the varied song about dark romances, the singer continues the success of previous singles.


JYLDA’S trademark is her future-electronic style and her unique voice. The singer, also known as Gianna Gehlhar, grew up in Germany and lived in California before she came to London. She has been across Europe to find her own sound and and explored different musical cultures.


In 2019, JYLDA launched a collection with experimental-pop tracks and gained the first attention by music magazines. Her previous single “Jeopardy” was praised by The Line of Best Fit, Earmilk, Bristol in Stereo and across Spotify’s playlist network. 


For her new track “Impulse”, JYLDA worked alongside classical composer Marino Arcaro. They created a sound of orchestral percussion, energetic strings and synths. The vivacious vocal line expresses through her soft yet raspy voice.


“Impulse” creates a strong tension supported by a rousing drum section. Furthermore this tension reflects the substance of the lyrics. The song deals with a childish game between two people who are trapped in an ever-repeating cycle. “The motor of it is the unsolvable riddle: What’s behind the other person’s actions? What is their impulse?”, JYLDA reveals.


She expresses distraction and contradictory feelings through the song. “I’ve been captivated by this dynamic, by going in circles, being drawn in by the tension of uncertainty. At some point you will know that, at the core of it, they are just as full of confusion as you are” she explains. In the end, they may not even know what their impulse was at all. Listen to “Impulse” below.




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