SZNS Are Bringing Girl Power To The Front With Their Empowering New Single ‘Behave’ | Music News


If some people consider that women are supposed to be quiet and submissive, the SZNS girls never learned how to behave.


“Behave” is the third single from girl band SZNS, in which they challenge the female statusquo and celebrate female empowerment in a fresh new take on the classic 90’s girl group music blending with Latin-synth, and house-inspired beats


The band gives context to their single saying “Behave is for every girl who’s been told to act like a lady: to sit up straight, be polite, to let the grown ups talk. Our entire lives we’ve been told that we’re ‘doing too much’ or acting ‘too intense’.


‘Behave’ is about being unapologetic, and taking up the space you deserve, despite what anyone else might say. If being demure and soft-spoken is good behavior, then I guess we never learned how to behave”.


Girl band SZNS are from Los Angeles and they bring together the unique voice skills and styles of each member named as the four seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn – create harmonious and vibrant sounds.


The pop-quartet creates relatable and empowering tracks for girls and plans to release a series of four EPs, one for each season, showcasing wit, power, vulnerability, and reality ranging from bass dropping dance beats to sultry ballads.


Listen to “Behave” below:





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