T.I. + Victoria Monet – The Amazing Mr. F*ck Up | Music Video


Last night, american rapper and actor T.I. has released the visual to his single “The Amazing Mr. F*ck Up” that features the talented singer and songwriter Victoria Monet. The single belongs to his latest debut project Dime Trap which had been in the making since 2015.


The track deals with the mistakes he has made in a past relationship. T.I. portrays a man who hurt and did not appreciate a woman. He expresses how he was unfaithful to her and did not give her the love she deserved. He now realises his mistakes and is beginning to learn from them.


Along with the banger, the rap artist has blessed his fans with the brand new music video for the track. It begins with T.I. sitting at a table in a restaurant with two other friends. He raps about how he has wronged his woman.


After the song ends, we cut to six months later where we find out that she has had enough of his mistreatment and has moved on with another man.


T.I. has also released a 10 minute extended cut version where he has shared with his viewers a flashback which explains how he had mistreated his woman in the past. Check out the two thought-provoking visuals below.





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