Ta-ku + Wafia – American Girl | New Music

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Ta-ku + Wafia – American Girl | New Music

Ta-Ku and Wafia


Last night (October 15), Australian producer Ta-ku shared a cover version of Kanye West and Estelle’s “American Girl” on Soundcloud. The track features vocals from Ta-Ku, who provides a surprisingly consummate first verse contribution, and his friend, the vocalist Wafia. The track showcases the beautiful and emotive voice that Wafia possesses and re-configures the original song into a very different yet extremely poignant format.  Listen to the track below and buy a copy here via Itunes.


On his Soundcloud page, Ta-ku says “American Girl started as a joke when I was watching old Kobe Bryant highlights and Estelle’s ”American Boy” was the soundtrack. I really wanted to make a stripped back emotional version that would play on its really great melodic structure. I reached out to my lovely friend Wafia to sing a duet with me & mustered enough courage to jump on the first verse. I’m very proud of this song. I hope you enjoy it“.




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