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Johannes Roberts To Helm ‘Resident Evil’ Reboot | Film News

  The strange decision to reboot the Resident Evil franchise, which just concluded a six-movie run from 2002-2016, continues to baffle many, until you remember that even a franchise that wasn’t exactly swimming in critical acclaim is still worth money, and still contains a built-in audience.   A totally new director and cast is set to come on board for[…]

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‘The Strangers’ Sequel Now Has A Release Date | Film News

  It’s strange in itself to think that it’s been almost ten years since The Strangers hit cinemas, and fans of the film can rejoice as a sequel to the horror hit finally has a release date. News of the sequel finally happening only broke earlier this summer, so the wheels have quickly been put into motion.   The film[…]

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‘Cars 3’ Races Into First Place At Box Office | Film News

  Despite the seemingly uninterested reaction of the public to Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3, it still managed to come out on top in its first weekend at the box office. Lightning McQueen and pals raced into first place with an estimated $53.5 million domestically, and $74.8 million worldwide.   While Disney will be happy with their #1 opening, this is the[…]

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