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Daisy Ridley Shuts Down Body Shamers With Instagram Post | Film News

  Going from relatively unknown to a worldwide sensation has it perks, but also its downsides. Something Star Wars star Daisy Ridley has discovered, and while much of it has been very positive and supportive, with many praising her character Rey for being a strong female role model – not all of it has.   Ridley used her platform to spread[…]

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Carrie Fisher Shuts Down Body Shamers On Twitter | Film News

  Carrie Fisher has the perfect response to her body shamers. For me, Fisher, has been one of the highlights of the Star Wars promotional tour. She has been owning every interview and red carpet appearance by dropping truth bomb after truth bomb and simply being her refreshingly candid self.   The one thing you should know by now, is that you[…]

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