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Alex Kingston On ‘Doctor Who’ Return: ‘I Didn’t Expect To Be Back’ | Interviews

  She was last seen in 2013’s The Name of the Doctor; where the beloved River Song said a final “goodbye sweetie” to her hubbie the Doctor, which left most Whovians believing that was the character’s final appearance in BBC’s Doctor Who. Surprisingly, it turns out that the face behind the Doctor’s wife – Alex Kingston also thought it was the end of[…]

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‘Doctor Who: Series 10’ Could Be Peter Capaldi’s Last | TV News

  Could a new regeneration be in line already? Sadly it’s a possibility, for the current Time Lord actor Peter Capaldi has speculated that series 10 could indeed be his last as the Doctor in BBC’s sci-fi favourite Doctor Who. Currently, Capaldi has starred as the time travelling hero since series 8; whilst making his debut appearance in the 50th anniversary episode entitled The[…]

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‘Doctor Who’ Producer Steven Moffat Hints At New Series 10 Writers | TV News

  For any Whovians who are already craving information about series 10 of BBC’s Doctor Who you’re in luck, for producer Steven Moffat has revealed that two new writers are joining the sci-fi team. Now all we need is a new companion and a date! Although it’s not exactly much to go on, at least it suggests some great stories are[…]

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