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Saint Laurent Showcases Collection Under The Eiffel Tower | Fashion News

  Saint Laurent went above and beyond for their Spring Collection by incorporating the Eiffel Tower into their show. Models walked out from underneath the famous landmark as it glistened against the Parisian sky. The models emerged through fog which was delicately hovering at the base of the tower. The show was a spectacle to say the least. The background,[…]

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Chanel Replicates Eiffel Tower For Fall 2017 Couture Show | Fashion News

  Inspired by the fashion house’s homebase, which is Paris, Chanel used a replica of the famous Paris tourist destination in their 2017 Fall Haute Couture Show, which took place in Paris. With celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart looking on, the models graced the runway which was situated under, the specially made, Eiffel Tower replica.   The[…]

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