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Andy Murray’s Second Wimbledon Win Draws In 13.3 Million Viewers, But More See Euro 2016 Final | TV News

  Tennis vs Football, who’d you think would win? Andy Murray’s second Wimbledon title victory at the famous tennis tournament drew in a staggering 13.3 million, but not enough to beat the viewing figures for the final of Euro 2016 between Portugal and France which drew in 13.6 million viewers.   Murray’s straight set win over Milos Raonic drew an[…]

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Loss For England Is Ratings Win For ITV | TV News

  England’s disaster became ITV’s bonanza. Far beneath the horror of Brexit, Englands sudden, if not expected due to their performance, exit from Euro 2016 netted ITV its biggest UK TV audience for almost two years. The match was watched by 15.2 million viewers on Monday night where they saw Iceland defeat them 2-1 is what is widely considered to[…]

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England’s Last Minute Win Over Wales Draws Record Live Streaming Audience | TV News

  A last gasp win that relieved the millions of England fans who sat down and watched it. England’s 2-1 win over Wales in Euro 2016 drew in record live stream audiences, with 2.3 million people livestreaming the match whilst BBC One audiences peaked at nearly 9 million.   The 2.3 million live stream audience was more than double BBC’s[…]

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