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Pond – Paint Me Silver | Music Video

  The aliens have landed and they come to party!   Pond‘s new video for “Paint Me Silver” features a bunch of CGI aliens calmly dancing to the backdrop of the track’s dreamy melody. It’s, in a word, wonderful.   It starts off with one silver figure dancing alone, soon joined by several aliens who are watching through their window.[…]

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Animal Collective – FloriDada | Music Video

  How are babies made? Certainly not…like this.   Animal Collective‘s recently released music video for “FloriDada” shows a very colourful, unconventional way of making love. I didn’t really understand what was happening at first, but I found soon myself unexpectedly captivated by it all. I couldn’t resist quoting Spin‘s take on it: “[T]wo CGI figures with technicolor camouflage skin romance[…]

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