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George Takei Expresses Scepticism Over Sulu Homosexuality | Film News

  I’m with Pegg on this one. George Takei, the original actor who played helmsman Sulu in the original Star Trek TV series has expressed his scepticism about the decision to make the character of Sulu in the new movie Star Trek Beyond openly gay. The move was intended to be a doff to the actor’s work for gay rights,[…]

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‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ Could Have Ended With A Fight Between Kirk And Jesus | Film News

  Seriously who would win out of Kirk or Jesus? An early version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture would have culminated in the greatest of all battles, Captain Kirk versus an alien disguised as the messiah himself, a new oral history of the series has said.   The unauthorised history: The Fifty Year Mission by Edward Gross and Mark[…]

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