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Leonardo DiCaprio Taps John Logan To Write Leonardo Da Vinci Biopic | Film News

  Leonardo DiCaprio was famously named after Leonardo Da Vinci when baby Leo kicked for the first time while his mother was looking at a painting by the famous artist.   While we can thank that coincidence for giving us one of the great movie star names ever – and fortunately, not Edvard DiCaprio or something like that – it’s[…]

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Leonardo DiCaprio Wants To Play Vladimir Putin | Film News

  Leonardo DiCaprio: the man of a thousand faces. Some of those faces being Howard Hughes, J. Edgar Hoover, Arthur Rimbaud, Frank Abagnale, Jim Carroll, Jordan Belfort and Hugh Glass and all are equally memorable. Now the DiCaprio has mentioned another face he would like to portray on the silver screen, and it’s not one that would ever jump to[…]

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