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Snowy And Jason Williamson Collaborate On New Single ‘EFFED’ | Music News

  The political chaos before general elections the UK is currently living is perfectly explained by the music that resulted from the dynamic collaboration of Snowy and Jason Williamson. The first one, a Nottingham based MC ruling the grime scene of Nottingham and Manchester, and Jason Williamson who comes from the famous electronic duo Sleaford Mods, based in Nottingham. The privatisation of the[…]

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Trailer Released For Sleaford Mods Film ‘Invisible Britain’ | Film Trailer

  British punk duo Sleaford Mods have released the trailer for their upcoming documentary Invisible Britain. Directed by Nathan Hannawin and Paul Sng, Invisible Britain follows the spoken word post-punk duo, consisting of Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn, as they tour the country and visit neglected Britain. Sleaford Mods serve less as the focus of the documentary and more as[…]

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Sleaford Mods Discuss New Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn | Music News

  Sleaford Mods have recently spoken out about the newly elected Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Speaking to Channel 4 they commented that his election “reeks of compassion.” Lead vocalist Jason Williamson from the duo explained that though he hadn’t properly read up much on Corbyn, but he felt he stood out from the rest of Westminster.   “I’ve not[…]

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