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Will ‘Big Brother’ Get Permission To Build A Second House? | TV News

  I don’t know about you, but I’m really enjoying the current series of Celebrity Big Brother. There’s been the obligatory rows and tantrums, but overall it’s not as headache-inducing as last year’s series. I don’t watch what male model housemate Jeremy McConnell might call the ‘civilian’ version – that’s the one with supposedly ordinary folk in, like you and me.  […]

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Will Stephanie Davis’s Boyfriend Enter The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House? | TV News

  They’re hardly ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ but the pair of star-crossed lovers that is Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell could soon face a big shake-up: rampant rumours abound that Davis’s real-life boyfriend Sam Reece is about to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house. The powers that be at C.B.B. are obviously hoping to put “the cat amongst the pigeons”  by enlisting[…]

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‘Celebrity Big Brother’s’ Jeremy McConnell NEVER Won Mr Ireland | TV News

  Sometimes the definition of “celebrity” can be stretched almost to breaking point in celebrity-versions of hit series, and we have to play Guess Who? with the identity of some contestants. But surely everyone who takes part in a celebrity special can claim to be a celebrity themselves, right? Well, not if you’re Celebrity Big Brother‘s Jeremy McConnell.   When[…]

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