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Netflix Looking To Acquire Rights To Horror Movie ‘Polaroid’ | Film News

  With The Weinstein Company thankfully all but dead, it means plenty of projects either previously in development or on the shelf at the company are stuck in a sort of limbo. One such project is Lars Klevberg‘s horror movie Polaroid, but it looks like it might get a second life, as Deadline reports that Netflix is looking to acquire[…]

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‘Finding Carter’ Season 1, Episode 11 – The Long Goodbye | TV Review

  In this episode of Finding Carter starring British actress Kathryn Prescott as the main lead Carter, everything is hanging by a thread literally. With Max’s (Alex Saxon) life still on the line, and his murderer still on the loose as fugitive, Carter’s world seems to be crashing down around her. She is being flung between two poles, what should[…]

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