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Clive Owen To Play Bill Clinton In ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ | TV News

  Ryan Murphy‘s American Crime Story has tackled the tragedies of O. J. Simpson and Gianni Versace in its first two seasons, but it’s taking a different route for season three. Impeachment: American Crime Story will focus on the Bill Clinton–Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, and after hiring Beanie Feldstein to play Lewinsky, the show has now found its Clinton: Clive[…]

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Beanie Feldstein To Play Monica Lewinsky In ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ | TV News

  A few years ago, rumours were swirling as to what the follow-up seasons to American Crime Story would be. The show had just finished its first season, The People v. O.J. Simpson, and plenty of interesting true crime tales were there for the taking. However one possibility kept cropping up – the Clinton impeachment scandal.   That was back[…]

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Amazon Secures Deal For Film About Monica Lewinsky & Linda Tripp | Film News

  Amazon Studios has acquired the rights to Linda And Monica, a script by Flint Wainess that has been on the Hollywood Black List for a while, which details Monica Lewinksy and Linda Tripp‘s budding friendship that imploded once the relationship between Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton became public.   We all know the story of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, so[…]

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