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Marie Dahlstrøm – Mine | Music Video

  Following a video sent to the London based and Danish bred singer-songwriter, Marie Dahlstrøm, of her Japanese fan club dancing to “Look The Other Way”, she decided to use the dancers to shoot an impromptu video for “Mine”, whilst visiting Tokyo. Written with and produced by Pelle Blarke, it is the second single from her Friday, November 25, EP.[…]

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Marie Dahlstrom – One More Reason | New Music

  Marie Dahlstrom is a Scandinavian girl who was introduced to all of us during her music performance studies. She is an R&B, soul artist who not only has the proper education but also a unique voice to represent that kind of music.   In her newest single, which is called “One More Reason” she teamed up with the Londoner[…]

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