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Watch New Trailer For Canine Drama ‘Max’ | Film Trailer

  My emotions are not ready for new canine adventure film, Max. A new trailer has been released for the Boaz Yakin movie, which tells the story of a brave dog who helps U.S Marines in Afghanistan return to the U.S, and is then adopted by his handler to help care for his family when they suffer a traumatic experience.[…]

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‘Finding Carter’ Season 1, Episode 11 – The Long Goodbye | TV Review

  In this episode of Finding Carter starring British actress Kathryn Prescott as the main lead Carter, everything is hanging by a thread literally. With Max’s (Alex Saxon) life still on the line, and his murderer still on the loose as fugitive, Carter’s world seems to be crashing down around her. She is being flung between two poles, what should[…]

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