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‘Silence’: The Ambiguity Of Faith | Film Review

  It’s ironic that a passion project that Martin Scorsese has desperately wanted to make since the early 90s is actually mostly devoid of typical Scorsese flourishes. This is a good irony, of course, since Silence demands a sort-of silence from its own director.   There are no ubiquitous Scorsese “God shots’ here, as the camera often fades into the[…]

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Martin Scorsese Developing Biopic Of Byron Janis | Film News

  When Martin Scorsese announces a new film, the whole film community stops to listen.   Scorsese last graced the silver screen with The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013, but it has now been announced that he is developing a biopic about classical pianist Byron Janis. Beyond being a pianist, Janis was a strong admirer of Chopin and became the[…]

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