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Mississippi-Based Film Festival Adds LGBT Category Following State’s Religious Liberty Bill | Film News

  It seems religious liberty is the talk of state politics across the pond, with Georgia’s Governor vetoing a bill that gave religious organisations in the state the right to discriminate and deny gays and LGBTQ’s access to services like marriage. That sentiment seems to have perturbingly spread to Mississippi, one of the states attempting to legalize discrimination against the[…]

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Matthew McConaughey Stars In ‘Free State Of Jones’ | Film News

  The trailer for Matthew McConaughey‘s latest movie, Free State of Jones, has been released and it’s a doozy. Following the real-life figure of Newton Knight, Free State of Jones follows McConaughey’s character, a Confederate solider in the American Civil War from Mississippi, as he rebels against the Confederacy with a band of farmers and slaves to found a mixed-race community in Jones[…]

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