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Javier Bardem In Talks For New Darren Aronofsky Film | Film News

  This sounds a a match made in film heaven. After turning in successes such as Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler, Black Swan and The Fighter, you would be wise to get excited for any new Darren Aronofsky project. So, be excited. Go ahead. We have known since October that Jennifer Lawrence was attached to a new, untitled Aronofsky project, but now it seems[…]

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Justin Lin On ‘Star Trek Beyond’ | Film News

  This month has belonged to Star Wars. In fact, this whole year has belonged to Star Wars. But in the past few days, in the same week The Force Awakens is due for release, Trekkies have had a reason to get excited: the teaser trailer for Star Trek Beyond was released. This is the third film in the rebooted franchise; a franchise that was rebooted[…]

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