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Teaser For Netflix Original Film ‘Bright’ Starring Will Smith | Film Trailer

  The general consensus on Netflix’s original content is pretty much this: TV? Superb. Movies? Err, not so much. Whether we’re getting bombarded with new lowest-common-denominator Adam Sandler and Kevin James movies, or being disappointed by potentially good but ultimately shrug-inducing content like Girlfriend’s Day or Special Correspondents, so far the streaming giant hasn’t quite mastered the movie market.  […]

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‘Special Correspondents’ – Lazy Gervais Comedy Misses the Mark | Film Review

  Ricky Gervais directs this Netflix vehicle, a remake of 2009 French film Envoyés Très Spéciaux, where two radio journalists fake broadcasts from a war zone after losing their tickets and are stuck at home. This escalates into faking their own kidnapping.   Gervais plays Ian, the hapless tech responsible for their predicament and Eric Bana is Frank, cool and[…]

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First look at Ricky Gervais’ Netflix Film ‘Special Correspondents’ | Film News

  Netflix have released these images revealing the first look at the upcoming Ricky Gervais original film, Special Correspondents. Gervais is on acting, directing and writing duties as he takes on a remake of the 2009 French film Envoyés Très Spéciaux.   Gervais stars as Albert Finch, the sidekick to struggling radio host Frank Bonneville, played by Eric Bana. Together[…]

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