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Matt Vogel Makes Debut As New Voice Of Kermit The Frog | TV News

  Since it was announced that Steve Whitmire had been fired from voicing Kermit the Frog after 27 years, fans of the Muppets have been anticipating hearing Matt Vogel‘s debut in replacement.   Now, in a Muppet Thought of the Week video, we can finally hear how Kermit 3.0 sounds, and it’s not so bad.     Of course, the[…]

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Kermit Actor Steve Whitmire Was Fired For ‘Unacceptable Business Conduct’ | TV News

  We last week learned of the exit of Kermit the Frog actor Steve Whitmire from the Muppet Studios. At first credited as Whitmire quitting the show, news has now arrived that the actor was fired by the studio for ‘unacceptable business conduct’.   Whitmire’s continued 27 year service to Kermit raised suspicions on why the actor would exit the[…]

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Steve Whitmire Takes A Leap, Quits Voicing Kermit The Frog | TV News

  Steve Whitmire has hopped off the Muppet train forcing Kermit the Frog to get handsy with someone else. The news comes as quite a shock due to both the continued popularity of The Muppets franchise, and Kermit the Frog in particular. Whitmire exits after voicing Kermit for 27 years, handpicked by creator Jim Henson to replace himself as both[…]

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