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The Pukes – They’ll Never Find You | New Music

  The Pukes are a vibrant full of energy punk, surf-rock Milwaukee based music trio who only have a short time jamming and being part of the music business. Nevertheless they already have fans that go to their gigs and enjoy their loud music performances.   Their debut album is about to come out on Saturday, August 13, and it’s[…]

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The Derevolutions – California Dreams Never Called | New Music

  Brett and Ana Karina are the duo behind the music project, The Derevolutions. This time they have a new release on Soundcloud, entitled “California Dreams Never Called”, and it’s a surf-rock, post-rock, indie-pop single that has all the American essence in its compilation. They are based in Boston, Massachusetts but their exciting musical composition has a significant crossover to[…]

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Tacocat – I Hate The Weekend | New Music

  What I now offer you is a classic indie dance track. No funny business, no surprises, Tacocat are just giving you exactly what you want, so don’t skip past this track. If you want to have some fun, give this one a listen, get your dancing shoes on and start shaking about. Now I know what you’re thinking, who[…]

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