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Led Zeppelin Win Copyright War Over ‘Starway To Heaven’ | Music News

  Led Zeppelin’s efforts to recoup nearly $800,000 were denied by a judge. It was to determine whether the band plagiarized the “Stairway To Heaven” chord progression. The trial ended in a not guilty verdict and wasn’t filed frivolously.   The suit was initially filed in 2014 by Mark Andes. He alleged that the “Stairway” intro lifted from Spirit’s song,[…]

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Court Hears Led Zeppelin Chord Progression Used 300 Years Ago | Music News

  Led Zeppelin’s attorneys on Friday brought in music expert, Lawrence Ferrara, who testified that the only similarity between “Taurus” and “Stairway To Heaven” was a “descending chromatic minor line progression”. Ferrara said that musical element was used 300 years ago, as well as in many pop songs since then.   Also on Friday, Led Zeppelin bassist, John Paul Jones,[…]

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