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Jason Rothenberg Comments Again On Character Death Controversy | TV News

  The 100 has recently gotten bogged down in controversy over the sudden death of one its most popular characters, so spoiler warnings ahead. It’s show runner Jason Rothenberg has since commented on the decision to kill off one of the only lesbian characters – played by Alycia Debnam-Carey – admitting that had he known the reaction, he would have[…]

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‘The 100’ Writer Apologises To LGBTQ Fans Over Death Of Major Character | TV News

  A character’s death too soon is one of the worst things to witness when watching your favourite television series, a significant death at the end of Game of Thrones series one I won’t spoil an example of how such a death can send shockwaves through the fanbase.   The same controversy has overtaken the most recent series of The[…]

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Clarke Joins The Grounders In ‘The 100’ Season 3? | TV News

  By the time season 2 of CW’s The 100 ended, our hero Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) had suffered irreversible loss, unimaginable betrayal and had made devastating decisions that left her a hollow-husk of her former self. Not even reuniting her lost comrades from Mount Weather with Camp Jaha could undo the damage she had done to her own mental[…]

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