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‘The Cannonball Run’ Remake Set To Blend ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ And ‘Fast & Furious’ | Film News

  The remake of 80s film The Cannonball Run hasn’t moved on too much since we last reported on the relaunch of the film, with potential director Rawson Thurber (We’re The Millers) still not signed on but still seeming very interested.   What has come to light though, is the tone the new version of the film will take. Despite[…]

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Rawson Thurber In Talks To Direct ‘Cannonball Run’ Relaunch | Film News

  It seems it’s been just long enough for studios to remake a bunch of 80s movies without fans claiming it’s too soon. We’ve had Ghostbusters (ok there was a little backlash with that), we’re getting Top Gun, and now we’re getting…The Cannonball Run?   While it’s not quite got the same classic status as those other two, the original[…]

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