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Sneak Peak Of ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Costumes | Film News

  Here it is guys! A first look at the costumes and props that are set to appear in the highly anticipated sci-fi spin-off. Appearing at the Nuremberg Toy Fair (through EW online), the following pieces were showcased to spectators as a way to tease and promote the upcoming film. Each are supposed to represent the protagonists that are expected[…]

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Darth Vader’s Brutality Might Be Depicted In ‘Rogue One’ | Film News

  Recounting much of Darth Vader’s scenes in the original Star Wars trilogy, he doesn’t really do very much in terms of fighting. The action could be summarized through a number of force chokes, two lightsaber duels with his son, and throwing the Emperor into the heart of the Death Star. Though one could suggest that this limitation was due[…]

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‘Star Wars Episode IX’ Will Answer Fan Theories On Rey | Film News

  Now that the initial hysteria resulting from the fact that a new Star Wars film is out has died down, fans have wasted no time in busying themselves with theories on anything and everything from the origins of The First Order to where BB-8 got his cute paint job. Some are utterly ludicrous, like the theory that Supreme Leader Snoke is[…]

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