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Two New Trailers Unveiled For ‘True Detective’ Season 2 | TV Trailer

  Two new True Detective season 2 trailers have been released! Throbbing with the same relentless sinister music as the previous trailers, the cool factor is thickly applied and the details are teasingly sparse, relying on what clearly is dynamite cinematography in brief snapshots of action to hint at what’s to come. Edited perfectly in time to the music’s escalating[…]

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‘True Detective’ Season Two Will Have One Leading Actor | TV News

  The HBO TV show True Detective has revealed that season two of the show will only have one male lead. This goes against previous media reports that said there would be three leading actors. The script for the upcoming series reveals that the lead will instead have male and female co-stars, despite the show’s creator Nic Pizzolatto initially declaring[…]

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