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Luca Guadagnino In Talks To Direct ‘Lord Of The Flies’ For Warner Bros. | Film News

  Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name) is in talks with Warner Bros. to direct an updated version of Lord Of The Flies. A new adaptation of William Golding‘s classic 1954 novel has been talked about for some time, with a female-centric Lady Of The Flies at one point in the works. However, Guadagnino’s version will be more faithful[…]

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Female Driven ‘Lord Of The Flies’ In Works At Warner Bros. | Film News

  Innovation, originality; these are the things we’re looking for in cinema. Sometimes someone comes along with an idea that’s so out there, you can only applaud it. Other times, the ideas are tragic. We’ve come to one of those times. In the latest edition of Remakes & Reboots, Warner Bros. have announced that a female-led Lord of the Flies[…]

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‘Maze Runner’ Director Will Complete Trilogy With ‘The Death Cure’ | Film News

  With the second instalment of of James Dashner‘s apocalyptic YA series hitting UK cinemas next month, we have been left in doubt over who will direct the feature. No longer however, as Variety reports that Wes Ball, director of the first two entries to the franchise, will complete the Maze Runner cycle. The visual affects artist made his directorial debut[…]

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