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Will Smith & Kevin Hart To Star In ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’ Remake | Film News

  Less than a week after it was announced that Zac Efron would star in a remake of a hit 80s comedy – Three Men And A Baby – another laugh-fest from that decade is getting a new coat of paint. But this one is a two-hander. Will Smith and Kevin Hart will star in a remake of Planes, Trains[…]

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Lamorne Morris & Jackie Earle Haley To Star In ‘Death Of A Telemarketer’ | Film News

  Lamorne Morris and Jackie Earle Haley have signed on to star in the indie comedy-drama Death Of A Telemarketer. Written and directed by Khaled Ridgeway, the film follows a too-slick-for-his-own-good telemarketer who finds himself in a life or death circumstance when he is held hostage at gunpoint for trying to con a middle-aged man to win a sales contest[…]

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WOKE + George Clinton – The Lavishments Of Light Looking | New Music

  WOKE is the collaborative moniker of Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Shabazz Palaces. The trio have just released their new track “The Lavishments Of Light Looking”, which also features Funk master George Clinton. The single has been released as part of Adult Swim’s summer singles program and can be downloaded free from their Soundcloud page as of yesterday (September 28).[…]

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