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‘You’re Next’ (2011) – Netflix Horror Pick of the Week | Film Review

  At first glance, You’re Next appears to be your typical home invasion flick. A wealthy couple moves into a decadent country manor and invites their four children and their significant others to spend their wedding anniversary with them. Everything is fine and dandy, albeit awkward and tense due to the family’s strained relationship, until a group of masked strangers[…]

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Remake Of Korean Horror Film ‘I Saw The Devil’ In The Works | Film News

  Although most of you are probably sick to death of hearing the words ‘horror’ and ‘remake’ in the same sentence, your prayers may have been answered with this new and upcoming feature which is sure to knock some life back into horror reboots. Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, collaborators on last year’s horror hit You’re Next and 2012’s V/H/S,[…]

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