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You may be looking for new inspiring songs such as “Be Alright” from Kelli-Leigh, ones that will give you a pleasant musical time and dive you into a cocoon from which you will have a hard time breaking out.


“Be Alright” is an optimistic song that ends a year which has been complicated for all of us. It is with passion that Kelli-Leigh invites us to take a moment for ourselves, “Be kind” to ourselves, and say “I’m gonna be alright”.


She encourages us to embrace what we went through, the good and bad experiences while staying optimistic. As part of her Youtube description she tells you “I hope this song brings some healing to whoever hears it the way it did when I wrote it with producer Hoost”.


“Be Alright” is undoubtedly the therapeutic song you were waiting for.


London singer Kelli-Leigh Henry-Davila, known professionally as Kelli-Leigh performed her pop ballad “Be Alright” at St Pancras Old Church supporting PRS Momentum winner Mauvey, and recently performed for Shure and AWAL as part of their ‘Next Sound Sessions’.


Her inspirations stem from growing up with Whitney Houston and Prince and after touring with Adele on her 21 album tour she decided to step out on her own as a solo artist. Kelli-Leigh released her debut single “Do You Wanna Be Loved Like This?” in February 2018 through her independent label Music Core which ended up top 10 trending on Shazam in the UAE.


Her second independent single “Can’t Dance” released on August 18 gained heavy regional and national UK radio play, was ‘Record of the Week’ with ROTD, and strong support from Kiss, Gaydio and BBC Radio.


She has spoke out in 2020 for the representation of Black and Mixed-Race singers in dance music to create more equality in the industry, with articles in the BBC, Guardian, Evening Standard and Mix Mag. Kelli-Leigh also started a playlist for Independent Artists Only in lockdown which has now amassed over 9000 followers.


Take a breath with “Be Alright” below:




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