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Let me introduce you to the world’s first ever online market place for rising musicians, artists and more. Brought to us by a creative team in London.


Talent Network London is a platform created to boost the discovery of talent for the accessibility of stakeholders such as fans, promoters and potential clients. Related talents such as DJs and Presenters are also included on this marketplace. Imagine eBay or Amazon but for artists.


It’s made to sound so simple and it is. You simply list your talent, including all your booking information, receive your bookings and manage your bookings all in the same place.


The marketplace will soon be launching and what a better way to celebrate the launch, of something so genius, than to throw a party. Talent Network London are hosting a private launch party in April featuring Sian Anderson and additional special guests. Let’s wait and see which faces and hot talent will get spotted.


Find out more about them here



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