Taliwhoah – Meds | Music Video

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Taliwhoah – Meds | Music Video


The Tottenham-based R&B and soul singer, Taliwhoah has recently released a music video for her brand new single entitled “Meds“.


Born in a big artistic background, with both her mother and aunty part of an influential band called Boney M, this fresh talented singer was always deep into music since she was really young, where she spent hours watching and studying their VHS tapes, in order to improve her talents.


Now we are glad to see how all her efforts have worked in this new original and unique track. To make “Meds”, Taliwhoah has experimented with different genres to end up creating a heavy fusion of many genres such as R&B, pop, dancehall and electronica. But she was also focused on her clever lyrics which are going straight to the point.


Sometimes some people need a taste of their own medicine to truly understand the way their selfishness is affecting others. ‘Meds’ was written so I could get that message across to a certain someone loud and clear lol“, she explains.


In the visuals for “Meds”, this soul artist wants to represent every woman who dares to speak out in a toxic relationship. Check it out below.




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