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Australian psychedelic band Tame Impala have recently updated their official website with something unexpected. It’s been a while since the band released an album, except for the singles “Patience” and “Borderline” earlier this year, but it seems that they are preparing their return, by announcing it in the most mysterious way.


Indeed, they uploaded a new video which does not report a clear message, but shows that a new project is coming soon. The clip is set in a recording studio where the frontman Kevin Parker is working alone, wandering among the recording machines. Then the puzzling video focuses again on the singer standing in front of the sea, brightened by the lights of the sunset.


Furthermore, in one of his last interviews conducted by Billboard in August 2018, Kevin Parker revealed that the band were working hard on the making of their forthcoming work: “I can’t say too much. But it’s my main focus right now. All I can say is it’s gone back to being my main focus.”


Moreover, according to what has been revealed until now, new music will come hopefully before the end of the current year.  As he revealed to Matt Wilkinson about the possibilities of a new album in 2019, Parker said: “I would very much hope so. I’d be very disappointed if we didn’t have something out by then“.


Watch the new video on their official site here.



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