Tancred – Bed Case | Music Video

tancred bed case 2


Tancred have just released the music video for “Bed Case”, the opening track from recently-released album Out Of The Garden. The song is what I would describe as a bedroom chill-out song; something I would play whilst getting ready in the morning, or relaxing in bed.


Of the music video, director Jason Lester says that they “looked for the intersection between the sweet and unnerving, the playful and the sinister”. This is most apparent with a fountain filled with what looks to be blood, and children playing followed by one standing still with a gas mask strapped on. In general though, there’s a lot of dancing and footage of Tancred playing in front of a graffiti-covered wall.


According to front-woman Jess Abbott, Out Of The Garden “represents doing what you want, what you need, without letting anything or anyone stop you – and smiling while you do it”. To hear what other songs accompany “Bed Case”, get Out Of The Garden here.


Watch the music video for “Bed Case” below:




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