Tarantina – I Am A Loner | Music Video


The incredibly talented Tarantina has released the brand new video for her latest single “I Am A Loner“. The track is a follow-up to her previously released singles “Fables” and “1/9” late last year and is taken from the singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer’s forthcoming EP Teething which will be released sometime this Spring.


Directed by Samuel Thomas and Tarantina, it “demonstrates how love can push someone to the edge of madness” as she put herself. Deep in the dead of night, in an amongst towering blocks of flats, she collects and drags a trunk full of clothes through the streets, aiming to find a sense of revenge and ultimately release.


It is a dark video to compliment quite a dark song, intertwined with Tarantina’s stunning vocals. And for our Italian and Spanish friends, she’s released respected versions just for you on her Youtube channel.


Watch the new video below:




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