Tash Sultana – Harvest Love | Music Video


There is something oddly striking when you listen to Tash Sultana. The Melbourne singer, who broke into fame status first by sharing her music on YouTube, has that natural charisma that only the gifted have. But it fades away when compared to her music talent, that makes you want to close your eyes and listen to her endlessly.


Sultana, who is just one month shy from releasing her debut album Flow State, due on August 31, has unveiled exclusively on Billboard her latest single “Harvest Love“, in anticipation for the album.


The song is a slow burn, that cut you right in the guts thanks to the singer’s coloured voice and potent vocals that gives meaning to the lyrics she is singing. “Harvest Love” is an impressive deep and subtle track that hides layers of meanings within. A lot more could be said, but the beauty of Tash is what she leaves unsaid for her public to guess.


Apart from the daunting melody, Sultana’s best asset is clearly her vocal talent. The easiness with which she switches between a tender delivery and a more impetuous one is remarkable. This juxtaposition is also reflected in her grungy attitude that hides her more vulnerable and mindful side that is in plain sight when you listen to her music.


Tash has chosen to accompany the song with a black and white visual of her in the recording studio. Keeping it simple, the singer bears it all in what is a powerful and intimate performance.


Watch the music video below:




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