Ta’Shan – Foodie | New Music


London-based artist and rising star Ta’Shan adds to her hot string of releases – the headbanger that is “Comfie” and last year’s “We Get It” – with the release of brand new empowering anthem “Foodie“.


In a self explanatory sense, the song calls out to all the unapologetic food lovers who embrace their bodies and are not afraid of staying real. Once again, Ta’Shan combines her versatile vocals with flawlessly relatable lyrics and progressive R&B production, resulting in an enrapturing track which is bursting with the artist’s unique energy.


“Growing up I always felt I had to be skinny to be pretty, but today I feel good the way I am, even with a couple more kilos. ‘Foodie’ is as important to me as it was the moment I started accepting myself and my body, no matter what size I am!” speaks Ta’Shan


With a radio-ready beat and a smart reprisal and re-invention of Eve’s early 2000s hit “Who’s That Girl”, this is an instant add to our summer playlist.




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